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  1. To create a forum in the form of conferences, seminars, workshops, courses and so on, for university libraries where issues such as information networking, resource sharing, standardisation and modern trends will be deliberate.
  2. To initiate, promote and sustain the Consortium.
  3. To ensure human resource development in library and information science skills at all levels.
  4. To promote information capturing.
  5. To promote co-operative information processing, storage, preservation, dissemination, Information and Communication Technology(ICT) development and application.
  6. To lobby Uganda Government and individual institutions to recognise the status of university library and information professionals.
  7. To establish a register of code of conduct and professional ethics for university library and information professionals.
  8. To raise funds for development and sustaining the activities of the Consortium through strategies such as income generating activities.
  9. To engage in such activities that are geared towards promoting and sustaining the consortium.
  10. To develop information marketing strategies.
  11. To develop service evaluation and performance indicators.